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With an enormous number of frequent flyers, Singapore Airlines was forced to create a separate, special lounge in Singapore, exclusively for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold members travelling in Economy/ Premium Economy. Sounds ok, right? Well, for the first time in all my experiences with SQ, it saddens me to say, NO, it’s not at all ok.


  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold members departing the same day on Star Alliance/ Singapore Airlines (plus 1 guest) Economy Class or Premium Economy Class
    Business Class and PPS Club members are able to use the much nicer SilverKris Lounge, just a short walk from the Gold lounge.

The Issues

The KrisFlyer Gold lounge is, in all honesty a bit of an embarrassment to the airline. Having such high standards in all other areas, it’s a significant disappointment to see the utter neglect with this lounge. Other carriers provide their elite flyers with Business Class lounge access even in their home port, yet SIA have kept their Changi Business Class lounges (one in T2 and one in T3) exclusively for Business Class guests and PPS Club members travelling Economy.

Being the airline they are, from the country that is Singapore, the number of frequent flyers is phenomenal. To prove my point, the airline previously offered a “Lifetime Solitaire PPS Club” status, after attaining 1.8 million miles! The problem? TOO MANY PEOPLE reached this level, and so they were forced to end the program! As such, just imagine the number of Gold members they have. There is no way that many people can be accommodated in a Business Class lounge without ruining the experience for their high-paying guests, and compromising exclusivity.

Taking all that into account, it could be alright. They could still have a separate lounge, and still offer an exceptional experience. But for whatever reason, they have failed to do that. The KrisFlyer Gold lounge is simply hopeless. The carpet and furniture are all showing signs of age, the décor and colour scheme is poor and dated, the food consists only of “light refreshments”, the bar is almost non-existent, the air-conditioning is poor, and to top it all off, there are NO BATHROOMS OR SHOWERS WITHIN THE LOUNGE! It honestly does not constitute a relaxing and/ or productive space, and I am seriously considering the fact that passengers may be better off at the pay-per-use lounges next door, or even out in the public areas of Changi Airport. How is it that a world-class airline can not provide an exceptional environment for their incredibly loyal and supportive customers?

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer can be a brutal system. Miles expire 3 years after they are earned, elite qualification is difficult to attain, it is not possible to pool miles, miles can only be used for upgrades/ redemptions for flights and no lifetime statuses exist. Other programs offer lifetime recognition, never-expiring miles and more ways to spend miles. I have no problem with SIA lacking in these latter issues, so long as they treat their elite passengers with the respect they deserve, yet this does not occur: Frequent upgrades? NO! Personal recognition by cabin crew? NO! A good lounge in the home port? NO!!!

Alright, this has turned into a rant about the poor aspects of the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer system, but my point holds. SQ can do a lot better, and I really hope they do. This lounge is very, very poor, and not at all at a standard to incentivise passengers to be loyal to the airline.

The Details

Anyway, I shall leave you with a gallery of the lounge that has a long way to go…

IMG_2879 IMG_2878
IMG_2877The ‘terrace’ area looks out over the public area, and would be a great spot to watch aircraft during the day.


IMG_2874 IMG_2873 IMG_2872 IMG_2871 IMG_2870 IMG_2868 IMG_2867Most of the plates are no-brand white ceramic, however the cutlery, tumbler glasses and soup bowls are the Givenchy Business Class items.

I also had a bit of time to explore Changi, and SIA had a display of their new A350 cabins on show that night. Read more about my experiences in the A350 Business and Premium Economy cabins here.

IMG_2860 IMG_2862


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  1. CNN says:

    SIA gold lounge is indeed a shame! A shame to the SIA management by ill treating the star alliance Gold members. Many people traveling in business class from Singapore are working for state owned companies.


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