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Ashan Karunagaran, Operator

Driven by a passion for flying, travel and the airline industry as a whole, Ashan’s life goals all involve working and living within the exclusive travel sphere.

Currently in his first year studying Commerce and Airline Management full time (based in Sydney), 18-year-old Ashan is fast enhancing his presence within the airline industry, and continually developing knowledge of the area.

His passion began in his very early childhood, following numerous family trips with Singapore Airlines. In recent years his knowledge and understanding of points and miles has led to an immense increase in luxury travel, making the industry even more appealing.

A passionate and long-standing loyal Singapore Airlines supporter, Ashan was also featured in the airline’s in-flight magazine for being an “SIA Super Fan”, as well as for being a prominent passenger aboard SIA’s 747 retirement flight in 2012.

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Instagram | @ashan_k
Twitter | @ashan_k
YouTube | Ashan Karunagaran
LinkedIn | Ashan Karunagaran


Harry Carr, Editor

Possessing a strong passion for aviation, Harry loves all things travel-related and looks forward to working in the industry in engineering or as a pilot. He loves flying as much as humanly possible and looks forward to any flight more than anything else.

Currently, in his final years of high school in Sydney, Harry intends to focus on science, engineering and mathematics with the intention of using these for a future aviation career.

Harry fell in love with flying after a trip to the US with Qantas, and has since developed extensive knowledge of the area. He has now become a loyal Qantas fan, and tries to fly them as much as possible.


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Beng Keat Tan, Freelance Writer

With an Australian post-graduate qualification in Economics and Finance, Beng Keat, TAN (“BK”) commenced his career in 2002 with SATS in Singapore, and was involved in business development and investment monitoring.

Following a decade of experience in internal audits with businesses in the Marketing Communications and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (“FMCG”) industry clusters, BK returned to aviation in July 2014 – an industry he has immense passion, twenty-four-seven. He is currently responsible for ethics and compliance for the Asia-Pacific region of a global company in the Aerospace and Defence industry, and is based in Singapore.

As a hardcore aviation geek, he tracks all his flights via flightmemory.com. Statistically, he has to-date travelled 723,000 miles, flown with over 30 airlines, on 13 various airframes, and with 75% of his patronage solely aboard Singapore Airlines and its regional wing, SilkAir. He was also featured in Singapore Airlines’ inflight magazine for being a true “SIA Super Fan”


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