Review | British Airways ‘Galleries’ Lounge Edinburgh

The British Airways lounge is located near gates 1, 2 and 3 left of duty-free. The lounge opened recently in 2013 and has an elegant entrance.

Entrance to the Lounge

The lounge staff member was stood at a podium and politely took our lounge invitations and noted down some information on a notepad.


The lounge is in a T shape, with a long entry and then seating along a glass wall overlooking the carpark at the back of the lounge.

IMG_0329 IMG_0330
IMG_0333 IMG_0337

The lounge was very quiet, with few flights departing this early in the morning. There was a variety of food and drinks on offer including pastries and cereals for breakfast.

IMG_0331 IMG_0334

There were several coffee machines, which all seemed to be in self-clean mode. I had a decaf (I wanted to sleep on the flight) cappuccino which was awful (an understatement)! It was one of the worst coffees I had ever had.

IMG_0332 Version 2

There were plenty of seats in the lounge and lots of space, although I could see the lounge getting rather busy during peak times in the late afternoon. There was free wifi requiring a password displayed in the lounge. Showers were not available.

I noticed a change of gate on the departure board, which I asked the lounge associate about, who explained my flight had changed gate and explained where the new one was.

Although the visit was short, I had a pleasant time in the lounge. It was quiet and small but perfect for a “domestic” lounge.


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