Review | Virgin Australia ‘The Lounge’, Sydney

Virgin Australia’s Sydney lounge was significantly refurbished at the same time as the airline’s re-branding a number of years ago, and boasts a contemporary, chic space for living, dining and work. Split over two levels, the lounge caters for large numbers of guests and offers all that could be desired for domestic travel.


  • Business Class guests
  • Virgin Australia Lounge Members
  • Velocity Gold and Platinum Members
  • Partner airline Gold members
  • Non-Member single-entry for $65

In addition to one of the above, guests must hold a same-day boarding pass for an onward Virgin Australia flight.
All the above guests (apart from single-entry) are entitled to bring at least 1 guest to the lounge. As it is a domestic terminal, the guests can be anyone at all, and they do not even have to be travelling (at all!).

The Pros

One of the most attractive features of the lounge is the dedicated “Premium Entry” for all premium passengers (Business Class, Velocity Gold/ Platinum and partner airline Gold passengers only), which features kerbsides entry. Valet parking is available (albeit at rather dear prices), whilst ample space is provided for taxi/ family/ friend drop-offs. A ramp then leads guests to the reception, where you may either use a kiosk to check-in or speak to an agent at the desk. Note that you can not check-in here if you have checked baggage as there are no facilities to do so (if you do, simply proceed to the normal Business check-in desk in the main terminal, and if the security lines are long, head back to the Premium Entry to skip the line). Following check-in, a single, private security lane is provided for screening, leading you directly to the lounge entry.


Photo: Virgin Australia

The lounge has an open welcome area, with a large service desk, should you have anything to be tended to.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

Nearby is a “champagne lounge” with a few comfortable chairs.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

Adjacent is the generous buffet area, offering a wide selection of snacks and meals, changing throughout the day. A tended bar also provides a number of alcoholic selection, with Stella Artois being the house favourite. As with all Virgin Australia lounges, there is a tea station as well as an on-hand barista to whip up whatever you may desire.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

Behind this is a more secluded work/ dine area with several tables and chairs in bar-seating format.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

The main lounge area consists mainly of well-design chairs and coffee tables, separated into several zones.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

To one side is another area used primarily for work purposes, with bar seating and charging facilities.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

Within the bathrooms, there are a small number of shower suites available to refresh pre-departure.

The far end of the lounge is where you will find the exit to the terminal as well as another entry, if you are coming in through the main terminal. A complimentary shoe-shine service is also on offer.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

The Cons

The bathrooms are a little below standard. The walls and floors use black tiles, and as such, water shows up quite vividly, creating a rather unkempt and messy appearance. They are also rather small and don’t offer any amenities such as toothbrushes or combs. Whilst there are shower suites, there are about 3 per gender, making it very congested in peak times.

The lounge is split over two levels, with more seating on the upper level, however during the middle of the day, this section was closed. It would be more appropriate to leave this section open at all times.

Whilst there are large glass windows providing ample natural light, the view is very obstructed when seated, meaning all you can see is a white building. When standing up, though, or from the upper level, there is a generous tarmac view.


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