Review | Brussels Airlines ‘The LOFT’, Brussels

The airline’s second major lounge at their hub, The LOFT is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and functional lounges I have experienced. It serves as a port of call for Star Alliance Gold members and premium passengers on Brussels Airlines flying within the Schengen area.


  • Star Alliance Gold
  • Brussels Airlines Business Class and “Biz&Class” passengers
  • Miles&More HON Circle, Senator and Frequent Traveller (no guest for Frequent Traveller)
  • Brussels Airlines Flex&Fast passengers, with €25 fee

The Pros

Free Microsoft Surface rental is available for use throughout the lounge, and there is a dedicated station for obtaining them.

The Loft

A comprehensive bar is on hand, and you’re even able to pour your own Belgian Beer on tap!

The LoftThe LoftThe Loft

There is a relatively wide selection of food and snacks located in the central buffet.

The LoftThe LoftThe LoftThe Loft

Large, comfortable lounge chairs are positioned along the floor to ceiling windows with incredible tarmac views. There is also ample lounge and dining seating throughout the space, with various views

The LoftThe LoftThe LoftThe LoftThe LoftThe LoftThe LoftThe Loft

There is even an uber-special area just for HON Circle members.

The Loft

Slick and clean bathrooms are available, as are shower rooms.

The Loft

Baggage lockers are readily available.

Sleeping rooms offer a perfect location for a long layover.

An office area provides computers, internet, Skype call rooms and productivity pods.

The LoftThe LoftThe LoftThe Loft
The Loft//

The Cons

The lack of a tended bar is somewhat surprising. Whilst plenty of alcohol is on hand, there is no bartender to whip up cocktails and serve drinks to your every request.

The buffet is great, although provides limited choice for those wanting a more substantial meal. Several smaller servings will have to suffice.

The Judgement

Whilst there are minor shortfalls, the lounge lives up to an incredible standard. It is super-modern, looks amazing, has plenty of lounge space, and all the facilities anyone could need. It is an absolute stand-out for the airline, and it’s a surprise to think that there is in fact a better version of this lounge, known as ‘The Suite”, in another part of the terminal. Brussels Airlines has done incredibly well, especially for a carrier offering somewhat of a ‘hybrid’ service level between low-cost and full-service.


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