Review | LaGare Hotel Milan


LaGare, by Sofitel, is a snazzy hotel situated in the heart of new Milan. It’s probably one of the most chic hotels in the city, with mesmerising coloured lights in the windows and a plush and stylish lobby.

The drive-up entrance is pretty ordinary, and there are a fair number of steps to reach the hotel. In the midst of winter, as well, there were no bell hops on hand.

We checked in with ease, and headed up the stylishly lit stairs and walkways to reach the room.


After spending a while figuring out how to open the door, we reached the room, which was spacious with ample features. As with all hotels, there was a study desk, minibar and wardrobe. The bathroom was super slick, with in-ceiling speakers and invisible drains.

IMG_2414Yes, that’s Barney. No, it’s not mine.

IMG_2419 IMG_2418 IMG_2416

Possibly the sweetest aspect of the hotel is the incredible lighting when the sun sets. Each room has two, large, floor-to-ceiling windows, which magically light up and change colours, forming an artistic mosaic visible from the outside. Obviously the lights can be turned off for sleeping, but unfortunately there’s no ability to manually select the colour!

IMG_2417 IMG_2413

Our rate included breakfast, which was presented in an intimate and comfortable dining room, with well laid tables and an ample selection of food and drink.

The hotel proved to be one of the most contemporary I have stayed at, and it was an absolute delight. Definitely will return, if ever in Milan.


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