Jetstar’s First 787

Jetstar has released images of its first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in the Boeing factory. The aircraft is due to enter service in November. Jetstar will be the first Australian airline to receive and fly a B787, as well as being the first airline overall to fly the B787 in Australia. The aircraft will be delivered to Jetstar in September, for service in November. Jetstar plans to use the Dreamliners to replace the A330s for their medium-long haul routes. By the end of the year, the airline will have 3 B787s, and 14 by 2015. The revolutionary aircraft will improve Jetstar’s standards greatly, with its new technology. It will begin flying on domestic routes, before progressing to international routes. Qantas will be the second airline to receive B787s, in 2016.

Jetstar’s New Dreamliner (Photo: Jetstar) 

Jetstar’s New Dreamliner (Photo: Jetstar) 

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