Apple Unveils iOS 7, new MacBook Air, new Mac Pro and new OS X Mavericks

The iOS 7 Banner in the Moscone West Centre (Photo:

Apple has unveiled a host of new products at the WWDC 2013 Keynote, held at the Moscone West Centre at 10 am PDT on the morning of the 10th of June. iOS 7 brings the biggest change ever seen in the iOS. Jonny Ive, leading the iOS 7 design, did away with the linen, paper, leather, felt and stitching textures previously seen throughout the iOS, and went for a futuristic, contemporary, sleek design. iOS 7 contain many new features including a completely redesigned lock screen, a white themed layout, new keyboard, new camera features, wallpapers that move with the tilt of the device, AirDrop and the long awaited Control Centre. iRadio has also  been revealed with this. It is a music streaming service, currently only available in the US. iOS 7 has been released to developers today, and will be available to the public in Spring (southern hemisphere)/ fall (northern hemisphere).The new MacBook Air features minor updates, mainly to battery life. The battery in the 13 inch can now last up to 12 hours. It also carries the latest Intel 4th-generation processors. It has begun sale today. The Mac Pro is well overdue for an update, and Apple has gone all out with the physical design of the tower. It is now shown as a tall, black cylinder, instead of the conventional metal rectangle. It features a host of new updates, the most impressive of which is the ability to connect up to 4 external displays, each up to 4K resolution. The Mac Pro will be released later this year and more information will be provided. OS X Mavericks (OS X 10.9) is the latest update to the Mac OS. It features few updates, although iBooks for Mac seems to be the biggest. Another feature of OS X Mavericks is the enhancement of using an external display with a Mac. The display now works much better with the Mac an allows you to run fullscreen apps on either display without altering the other. Finder Tabs is another new method of tagging and tracking files in finder. As usual, some of the nifty new features of iOS 7 that connect with the Mac (e.g. pushing notifications between devices) will only work with Mavericks. The name? Well, Apple has run out of ‘Cat’ related names. They have decided to go for a theme that will last the next decade. Hence the theme of ‘most loved California cities’ was chosen. Mavericks being the firs. OS X 10.9 is available to developers now and will be available to the public with the release of iOS 7. Again Apple has launched some innovative new products, and developers and enthusiasts will be eagerly looking forward to more.

OS X Mavericks wallpaper, in relation to the surfing location (Photo: Apple)
iOS 7 features a complete redesign of the UI (Photo: Apple)
The new Mac Pro also looks completely different to previous generations (Photo: Apple)


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