The new Singapore Airlines products take innovation to a new level

The spirit of innovation indeed lives on at SIA. Following the global launch of their spectacular new A380 products, SIA have showcased an array of frills that are sure to disrupt the industry.

Aside from the beautiful new cabin fitout, a range of brand new technologies have been introduced to heighten personalisation and innovation. “myKrisWorld” is a new platform that will enable passengers to take wireless control over their entertainment systems and seat, and carry preferences with them across all flights. Through the SingaporeAir app, passengers can connect their devices to their seat back via the onboard wi-fi, and use the app as a controller, to pause, play and browse content. If signed into a KrisFlyer account, members will also receive personalised recommendations for TV shows, movies and music, based upon preferences and watching habits, saving you the time spent browsing through the endless listings.


The system will also see the end to those moments just after landing where you are still half-way through a movie. KrisFlyer members can now easily bookmark their position, and upon boarding their next flight, can use their device to quickly bring up that point in their new seat, something that has never been properly introduced on airlines before.

The new Suites feature significantly detailed lighting control, with up to 10 different aspects. After choosing a pre-set environment or manually setting the conditions to a passenger’s liking, KrisFlyer members can save the preferences to the SingaporeAir app, and instantly re-create their preferred lighting scene onboard any subsequent flight.

Using these features will all be complimentary, whilst browsing the internet can be done by purchasing data allowances. SIA is considering offering complimentary wi-fi for Suites and Business Class passengers.

In addition to these wireless features, every seat on the new A380 will feature an NFC touch pad that passengers can use for tap-and-go card payments for duty free items and other purchases.

There are a number of industry firsts here, displaying the much adored innovative spirit of Singapore Airlines.

Images H/T: Singapore Airlines 


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