Dubai’s Trams Have A ‘3-Class’ Configuration!

Trams, trolleys, light rail, street cars – whatever you want to call them – have been up and down modes of transport for cities all over the world. Dubai has integrated them perfectly into an already superb public transport system, with modern and efficient trains, buses, trams and taxis helping the city move well.

The city’s Alstom trams are relatively new, and are quite unique in their design. Trams are usually seen as a quick and simple modes of transport to move over short distances, but of course Dubai takes them further than this. All RTA trams have 3 ‘classes’ dividing them.

There’s “Gold Class” at the top, equivalent to some sort of Business Class. It features leather seats in a 1-1 configuration, along with luggage storage and an ‘intimate’ 8-seat cabin. Travel hear costs around double the regular fare.

Dubai Trams Gold Class
Dubai Trams Gold Class

Behind this is the regular cabin, pleasantly named “Silver Class”. This is your regular, modern tram carriage with side, forward and rear seating with that classic public-transport fabric. It’s still quite spacious and comfortable.

Dubai Trams Silver Class
Dubai Trams Silver Class

Finally we move to the third ‘class’. Although it’s probably more apt to call it a ‘section’. At the same price of Silver Class, is the “Women and Children Only” area. Not surprising for the UAE, a Muslim nation, is segregation in public transport. The same zones can be seen on trains and buses. Seating is essentially the same, but with different colours.

Dubai Trams Women and Children Area

So there you have it! Dubai has taken class-segregation to another level with these configurations, ensuring that whenever a local chooses to trade in their Rolls Royce Phantom or Lamborghini Aventador, they’ll be well taken care of in the luxurious comfort of RTA Trams’ Gold Class.


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