The Airport Movie Stars

Airports are sources of countless adventures and instances of drama. Their filled with pivotal moments in peoples’ lives and emotional occurrences between loved ones. As such, it’s no surprise they’re often chosen as interesting and intense locations for movies, be them dramas, comedies or even thrillers.

Air New Zealand recently compiled a list of the airports around the world that have been most prominently featured in feature films. As expected, LAX (Los Angeles International) takes first spot, being prominently featured in 173 blockbusters. Some of these include several Die Hard films, The Italian Job and Rocky IV.

Far behind at number two is London’s Heathrow, with 75 production appearances. This port is familiar to lovers of films like Love Actually and Bend it Like Beckham.

Interestingly, Sydney Airport comes in at number 4 with 64 productions. Honestly, who can remember a feature film starring Sydney Airport?r

Airports have been featured across the years, and it’s astonishing to see how these places have developed. Take New York’s JFK, for example. The popular Leonardo di Caprio film , Catch Me If You Can, showcased this iconic airport in its 1960’s classical flair.

Take a look at Air NZ’s pictographic creation, illustrating the movie stars of the airport world.

Air New Zealand’s countdown of the top movie airports!


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