Review | Virgin Australia ‘The Lounge’, Melbourne

The relatively new Virgin Australia lounge in Melbourne’s T3 offers a stylish haven in the otherwise dull airport. With ample room, generous snacks and drinks, and a Premium Exit to security, it serves as a rewarding hub for premium travellers.


  • Business Class guests
  • Virgin Australia Lounge Members
  • Velocity Gold and Platinum Members
  • Partner airline Gold members
  • Non-Member single-entry for $65

In addition to one of the above, guests must hold a same-day boarding pass for an onward Virgin Australia flight.
All the above guests (apart from single-entry) are entitled to bring at least 1 guest to the lounge. As it is a domestic terminal, the guests can be anyone at all, and they do not even have to be travelling (at all!).

The Pros

Similar to the lounge in Sydney (but in the reverse), this lounge features a “Premium Exit”. Because it is located before security, the Premium Exit provides a direct channel to the main security screening lanes (albeit to a dedicated priority lane). Unfortunately, this exit is not operational at all times, so guests may have to leave the lounge and head to security the usual way (however there is still a priority lane available).

The reception area is wide open and warm, with self-service scanning, or agents at a service desk should there be any other requests (such as guests).

Virgin Australia Melbourne Lounge

There is a long and stylish buffet area with ample food and drink choices. A wide range of alcoholic drinks are also available at the island bar situated a little bit away from the main buffet.

Virgin Australia Melbourne Lounge

Throughout the lounge, there are several zones of bar seating, dining seating and, most predominantly, lounge seating with coffee/ cocktail tables. Many sit at a slightly higher level, improving openness and visibility.

Virgin Australia Melbourne LoungeVirgin Australia Melbourne LoungeVirgin Australia Melbourne LoungeVirgin Australia Melbourne LoungeVirgin Australia Melbourne LoungeVirgin Australia Melbourne LoungeVirgin Australia Melbourne LoungeVirgin Australia Melbourne Lounge

The relatively long lounge features a complete glass wall along one side with wonderful tarmac/ gate views, in contrary to Sydney’s obstructed view. The large presence of glass also allows in an incredible amount of natural light, making the lounge feel very open and spacious.

Virgin Australia Melbourne LoungeVirgin Australia Melbourne Lounge

As with all Virgin lounges there is a barista station with someone permanently on hand to whip up whatever you desire.

Virgin Australia Melbourne Lounge

There is also a small tea station with hot water, cups, biscuits and an array of different teas blends.

Virgin Australia Melbourne Lounge

The Cons

There’s not much to complain about this lounge, however a lack of computing/ entertainment options may bother some guests. A business section with computers and printers as well as a kids/ entertainment area with TV’s/ video game consoles would make this lounge perfect, especially during school holiday periods.

Whilst food is on offer at the buffet, at certain times the selection can be quite limited/ small in quantity. An update to ensure full meal offerings at all times would step up the level greatly.


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