Jennifer Aniston Returns in Emirates’ Hilarious New Ad | #JensBack

Last year, Emirates invested $20 million to sign Jennifer Aniston to be there new brand ambassador. Who could forget the first iconic commercial she did for the airline last year (it made the list of our favourite airline commercials of all time):

Unlike other carriers, Emirates has taken a very non-serious approach to the “elite image” of First and Business Class, and in fact treated it as a little joke, as is more apparent in Aniston’s newest commercial with the airline. The second production sees the actress discovering a child playing in her lavish First Class seat. She leads him back through the entire aircraft to Economy, and once there decides to spend the rest of the flight in an Economy seat, whilst the child’s mother rejuvenates in First Class.

Emirates was witty in the reveal of this ad, posting two separate teasers in the days leading up to the release. Whilst they haven’t actually posted the final video yet, and it is not on their YouTube channel, PEOPLE Magazine has since published the full video online here (click to watch).

You can also take a look at a “Making Of” video here:

And a look through the A380 here:

Emirates also has a dedicated section on their website, showcasing behind-the-scenes and bloopers. The campaign, which is promoting the hashtag #JensBack will takeoff in the coming days, giving Emirates yet another boost in the market.


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