Emirates’ Interactive AR Economy Class Amenity Kit

Last month, Emirates released an innovative new type of amenity kit for Economy Class passengers, that uses Augmented Reality technology for an ‘immersive’ experience.

After downloading the “Blippar” app to a smartphone/ tablet, passengers can point the camera at the amenity kit, and open up interactive experiences through their screen. The experience offers access to ‘soothing’ music playlists, colouring in and information about Emirates through the Emirates App.


There are 6 designs, each inspired by Australasia, Europe, Africa, the Far East and Latin America, and each pouch contains socks, eyeshades and a toothbrush.


The kits are slick, stylish and innovative, and are built using a water-proof material so they may be kept and used to store whatever someone pleases.

Kudos to you, Emirates, it’s not something many people would even have imagined!


Photos: Emirates


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