Review | The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge

The Qantas lounge in Hong Kong is one of the newest lounges in the Qantas lounge network, opening in 2014. It has been long known as the best Business lounge in Hong Kong and some even say it’s better than Cathay Pacific’s First Class lounge. Although we’ve never been to the Cathay First lounge, we can say that this in one of the best lounges in the world. Here is our first-hand review of the Qantas Business lounge in Hong Kong International. The lounge opens at 3PM until midnight, catering to all four Qantas flights from Hong Kong as well as two British Airways flights that leave just before then. This lounge is a shared Business-First lounge, as Qantas only operates their A380 First class seasonally. The lounge is open to Qantas Business and First Class passengers, Qantas Club, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One Frequent flyers and their OneWorld equivalents (Emerald and Sapphire).

After passing through the Northern immigration zone (closest to Qantas check-in), you will find the Qantas lounge located immediately to the right when you leave immigration. A large sign points out the lounge to visitors.

The sign which shows the location and the eligible members who can use the lounge. The sign is immediately visible after leaving immigration. The Qantas kangaroo lights up but not visible in the photo.

There is a short walk to the lounge entry. Staff were waiting at two podiums who check boarding passes and warmly welcome you in. This warm and friendly attitude was continuous throughout the stay and is a testament to the lounge staff.

The lounge entry, with podium style desks. There seemed to be a bit of a team meeting going on.
Perpendicular to the desks, is this wall and a left turn from here takes you into the lounge. The geometric design flows throughout the lounge, and is very Hong Kong

The lounge is one long and thin strip, and is impressively large, yet suitably busy, with 4 Qantas flights leaving nightly and countless other OneWorld flights. The first zone is a seating zone, then a bar, dining area and then more seating with a small drink station. Along the right of the lounge are toilets, showers and then the main buffet area. There is a service desk for last-minute upgrades and an exit leading to the Qantas gates at the end of the lounge. The lounge is located above the main gate areas where most Qantas flights leave. The following images are part of the main area of the lounge running along the left-hand side of the lounge, which overlooks the main gate area.

The Bar
Dining style seating located after the bar
A more casual zone is located between the bar area and the dining area


The large dining table where the plate of the day is served.
These tables are usually set up for the plate of the day
Large black and white artworks are dotted around the lounge
IMG_5660 (1)
The dining tables, set up for the plate of the day.


The end of the lounge features another area with more relaxing furnishings.

The lounge serves a plate of the day to guests who sit at the designated dining tables, and today, a beef stir fry with flat noodles was on offer. If you sit in one of the set tables, a staff member will come around offering the plate. Guests can also help themselves to the buffet located on the right-hand side of the lounge. The following images come from the right-hand side of the lounge.

IMG_5659 (1)
Plate of the day
Small seating area near the lounge entry


The shower rooms are located separately to the toilets


A variety of international newspapers


Magazines in both English and Chinese


Buffet area
Casual seating

IMG_5614There is an abundance of power points and USB plugs around the lounge and free wifi throughout. When we visited, we sat at the end of the lounge. I took a shower in one of the 12 fantastic shower rooms. Most of them were unoccupied and there was no wait time. One of the friendly staff took me to the room where there was a towel set ready for me.IMG_5575



Aspar shower amenities. You’ll find the same brand in the Business amenity kit
The sink had tissues, a toothbrush kit, shower cap and hairdryer

IMG_5591After my shower, I headed to the buffet which is located on the right of the lounge before the showers. In the middle island there were a variety of hot and cold options as well as desserts and on the back wall, there was a fridge full of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as ice, juice and water. Unfortunately, most of my photos weren’t great so I apologise for the lack of buffet photos.

IMG_5615 IMG_5672 (1)
IMG_5671 (1) IMG_5678
IMG_5673 IMG_5665 (1)
IMG_5667 (1) IMG_5666 (1)
IMG_5594 IMG_5683I went for the cucumber salad along with some interesting lemon drink I had never heard of. The salad was great and so was this interesting new drink. Before visiting the lounge, I was told that the cheesecake they serve is incredible and that you’re doing it wrong if you don’t have at least three slices. Although not having three slices, I can concur that this is the best cheesecake I have ever had, and if you eat only one thing in the lounge, this has to be it.

Near the end of the lounge, there is a small self-serve drinks area. I helped myself to a pot of T2 tea and some biscuits. Every now and then, a staff member came around clearing plates or offering yum cha style plates of food. I had the dim sum and they were fantastic. Annoyingly while I was away taking photos, one of the staff members took my unattended iPhone cord. Thankfully I caught up with him before it was gone!

Snack selection
Drinks offerings
You’ll find only an automated coffee machine here, rather than a barista, as this lounge only caters to evening flights.
T2 tea selection
Automated cold water tap, which also dispenses sparkling water
Tea and Dim Sum

IMG_5597In this lounge, you’ll find the same Marc Newson designed crockery that is used in business and first cabins. The crockery is elegant and stylish. The lounge is filled with beautifully styled furniture and complemented with elegant fittings. It is truly one of the nicest looking lounges out there. Here is a collection of images taken in the lounge.

Attended Bar
Self-serve wines and champagne
Quietly boasting their joint 2nd place win from last year
IMG_5658 (1)
Tables set for the plate of the day
IMG_5656 (1)
These elegant lit metal signs are dotted around the lounge

IMG_5662 (1)

Even the floors are spectacular and very ‘Hong Kong’


This printer can be used by guests


Quiet ambient music plays through these speakers around the lounge. Notice the dirty wall from the children’s area.
Bathroom sinks
An evacuation diagram shows a great overview of the lounge


We soon left for our flight back to Sydney taking the rear exit and making our way to the gate.

I can confidently say, that this is one of the best business lounges in the world. The staff are friendly and attentive, the food is fantastic, there is space for work and rest, showers are excellently laid out with suitable amenities and overall, it is just a wonderful lounge to be in. The elegant styling with that Hong Kong touch makes it very special. I cannot wait for my next visit to Hong Kong so I can be here again.


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