Review | Scandinavian Airlines (London – Oslo – London)

I tend to keep most Economy Class reviews short, because, well… there’s generally nothing new to report on. In this case, that’ll follow suit, however I’ve made a point of doing the review, purely because it’s a new airline that I haven’t previously flown.

Flight Details (1):

Carrier: Scandinavian Airlines (SK)
Flight Number: SK 804
Route: London (LHR) – Oslo (OSL)
Duration: 1h 40m
Aircraft: B737-800
Registration: LN-RRK
Cabin Class: SAS Go (Economy Class)
Seat Number: 20C
Date: 18/01/16

Flight Details (2):

Carrier: Scandinavian Airlines (SK)
Flight Number: SK 803
Route: Oslo (OSL) – London (LHR)
Duration: 1h 50m
Aircraft: B737-800
Registration: LN-RPO
Cabin Class: SAS Go (Economy Class)
Seat Number: 15A (EMEX)
Date: 24/01/16

Being part of Star Alliance, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) departs from Terminal 2 (The Queen’s Terminal) at London Heathrow. Check-in here is pretty streamlined, with Economy passengers directed to self service kiosks to print both boarding cards and luggage tags. Having checked-in online and in possession of mobile boarding passes, I approached the kiosk to print the luggage tags. However, the agent noticed a Singapore Airlines Silver tag on our luggage, and directed us to the check-in counter. The idea in this terminal is that Economy passengers use kiosks, while Gold card, Business Class and First Class use normal counters. Singapore Airlines never gives priority check-in for Silver, but many other Star Alliance carriers do. Hence, you often end up getting more perks when flying other airlines with a Singapore Airlines Silver card!

Following check-in and an unpleasant experience at security (thanks to horrendously rude staff), we were in the gate area. Boarding commenced quickly and we were onboard soon. SAS technically has an all-economy class cabin on the 737, however they market a select number of rows as “SAS Plus”, whilst others are marketed at “SAS Go”. SAS Plus is the same hard product, yet includes meal service, higher mileage accrual, greater flexibility and priority check-in/ boarding. Not too sure why you’d need to splurge to use it on such short sectors, however it is very useful for passengers booked in Business/ First Class on connecting Star Alliance flights.

The seats are noticeably slimmer than conventional economy seats, allowing for more legroom. I found legroom and seat space to be very acceptable, and nothing to complain about, especially for such a short flight. Wi-fi was available, and was free for SAS Plus, as well as Star Alliance Gold. A fee applied for all others. Soon after take-off a snacks service commenced, with complimentary tea/ coffee and water. Other drinks and snacks were all available for purchase.

Crew on both flights were very friendly, and easy to talk to.

Well, I’ll leave it at that! What I’ve said above applies to both flights, (London – Oslo and Oslo – London), as both were very similar and uneventful. Stay tuned for more!


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