Review | Hilton Wangfujing, Beijing

The thing about Hilton Hotels, is that they’re generally hit or miss. Some countries (e.g. Australia, Singapore) have exceptional quality properties, whilst others (namely the USA) have very average or poor quality Hiltons. China, thankfully, is up in the ‘exceptional’ range.

This review is the first hotel review in the November trip, which is as follows:

Just after touching down in Beijing, the Hilton Wangfujing was to be the residence for the night, before proceeding to Pyongyang the next day.

Following a significant battle against Beijing traffic, I was warmly greeted by bell staff at the Hilton, who carried the luggage inside and directed me to the front desk. One thing you will always notice when stepping into a Hilton Hotel is the signature scent. It’s hard to describe what it is, but it’s unmistakably Hilton.

There was a short wait, after which the check-in agent completed check-in and registration very quickly, properly informing me of what room was selected, and all that was included in the stay.

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A bell hop then assisted me in carrying luggage up to the room, and showed me the basic amenities. I am not too sure about China’s tipping culture, but this particular bell hop refused a tip!

What astounded me about the room was the incredible size. The Hilton Twin Deluxe Plus room was one step above the base level, offering 64 sq. m. as opposed to 50. It was very spacious, with a study area, walk in wardrobe, and large bathroom featuring separate shower, bathtub and toilet.

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As breakfast was included in the package, we headed downstairs to the restaurant in the morning for the usual buffet. The restaurant itself was very plush and luxurious, and had a very wide selection of breakfast items. Despite the coffee being served cold, the meal as a whole was at a high standard.

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The only issue through the stay was the in-room air conditioning. It had very limited control, and although we set it to a lower temperature, warm air was continually being blown. I have heard this is due to the Chinese government’s control over air conditioning, but am not too sure whether this is true.

Despite a very short stay, the Hilton proved an excellent break in Beijing. It’s location was phenomenal, with a really short walk to the Wangfujing shopping and dining areas. Topped off with good service, an excellent room and a phenomenal breakfast, the hotel is highly recommended for future stays.


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