Review | Singapore Airlines Economy Class (Singapore – Bangkok)

It was a very short flight, and the old interior made it feel like a nostalgic trip back in time! I felt as if I was flying in the golden days! However, there was one crew member who didn’t come close to the SQ standard…

Flight Details:
Carrier: Singapore Airlines
Flight Number: SQ978
Route: Singapore (SIN) – Bangkok (BKK)
Duration: 1h 56m
Aircraft: B777-200 (Refitted -SR Series)
Registration: 9V-SRJ
Cabin Class: Economy
Seat Number: 53B
Date: 09/01/15
We arrived in Singapore on SQ232 and had a quick transit onto this flight to Bangkok. The aircraft was 13 years old! Incredible, by SQ standards. And its age really showed. The seats were the old 747 colours (blue and purple), and featured the tiny KrisWorld screens with a simplified version of the software used on most of the newer aircraft. In a 3-3-3 configuration on a 777, the aisles are incredibly wide! Really wonderful. The seats themselves were way more comfortable than the newer design. They are very soft and plush, and have recline, lumbar and seat cushion adjustments, as opposed to just the recline adjustments on newer aircraft. It’s clear that the modern aircraft have seats aimed more at cutting costs than passenger comfort.
Recline as well as Lumbar controls
Took a while to figure out… This lets air into and out of the front of the cushion, raising it and making it firmer, or lowering it and making it softer.

We were welcomed onboard very briefly and with little enthusiasm. The flight attendant from our aisle (I will now call FA1), showed us to our seats, but with no eye contact and not a hint of warmth or friendliness. She was incredibly cold. The captain, however, made very happy and enthusiastic announcements, a big contrast to the flight attendants. After take-off I walked towards the rear to go to the lavatory, and FA1 said “Excuse me! Where do you go?” I was very confused at first but she then explained (with almost no warmth or courtesy) that the lavatories were in the middle of the cabin.

FA1 distributed headphones, but I noticed they were in-ear earphones in a little blue KrisWorld bag. This was all in line with the retro feel of the aircraft! Furthermore, when playing a TV show or movie, the system would play this super old SIA introductory video that would have the theme of “Comedy”, “Documentary” etc. I haven’t seen this since the 747 days and it was such a nostalgia trip to experience this again!

The super-old KrisWorld controller (The satellite phone was around right up until the latest KrisWorld. The new KrisWorld on the 777-300ER doesn’t have a phone at all, as it features wireless cell service).
 The retro in-ear earphones that are disposable and handed out on these short flights 
The meal service began and there were no menus distributed (acceptable for such a short flight). Instead the crew told us the options at the seat. I said “Thank You” twice to FA1, and she did not acknowledge or make eye contact or anything. Furthermore, she basically chucked our trays down on the tray table! I was astounded! She didn’t even offer us drinks. When she cleared the trays after the meal service, the Leading Steward (LS) was pushing the cart behind her. She collected two out of our three trays and moved on. The LS looked at her and gestured towards the tray she left, and she said “Oh, can you get it?” to the LS. The LS angrily shook his head and took the tray. Thankfully the LS was aware of her poor behaviour. It’s also due to note that the service wear for the meals was the old-style. All aircraft used it up until about 2 months prior. The new aircraft have now switched to a new design, but the old interiors are still using the old equipment. Furthermore, the old, blue pillows and blankets were used, to match the colour scheme of the aircraft.

Cabin shots…. Oh, the old days of the purple seats
The flight was very quick, and I didn’t get to know the crew well at all. Although the crew were disappointing, I really enjoyed being onboard this aircraft. It was incredible to take a nostalgia trip back in time. The seats, blue pillows & blankets, service wear, KrisWorld screen, KrisWorld controller, lavatories, headphones were all from the old days, and it was wonderful!

Stay tuned for the following reports!

BKK-SIN (SQ Business Class)
SIN-SYD (SQ First Class)

as well as

DMK-LPT (Nok Air)
CNX-DMK (Nok Air)

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Final Ratings:

Cabin State: 4/5
Seat: 5/5
Crew: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Ground Procedures: 5/5

See you soon, and until then,

Travel Safe.
Fly Well.
And Enjoy Your Journey.


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