Singapore Airlines Launches New Ad Campaign

Singapore Airlines (SIA) yesterday premiered it’s 3 new advertisements that will feature in TV, digital media (e.g. YouTube) and in print form. The ads se part of the theme “The Lengths We Go To”, which is all about showing how the airline will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and at home when flying. The ads focus on three aspects including bringing you tea from China, art films from Italy and soft leather from Scotland. 

The first ad shows an SIA flight attendant in the foggy tea fields off Fujian China. It continues to then show a man in a Business Class seat drinking the tea. The final scene (which is used in all the ads) is of the stewardess talking to the man and then a transition to an animation of moving clouds behind a gold SIA logo. The second ad displays an SIA stewardess in a foggy Scotland. She is shown in a leather shop, and the intricate cutting and application of leather to the Business seats are shown. The third ad portrays the stewardess in Venice picking out vintage art films. The cabin of the aircraft is then shown with people watching films on the entertainment system.
The airline’s YouTube channel has updated their logo to the new gold/ beige that was used in the ads. 
The new ads clearly display how the airline will go places to bring back things for passengers to make them more comfortable. 
Along with this, SIA launched a new website: which displays a whole new aspect of the airline. It allows customers to discover more about the ads as well as seeing how the concepts of the ads are carried through. So, for the ad regarding leather, there are pages that show pictures and describe the seats onboard (in particular the next generation seats). There are also a variety of wallpapers to download as well as a screensaver that changes between those wallpapers.
The new branding will hopefully bring SIA back into the number 1 or 2 spot along with the next-gen cabin launch in a month’s time. The airline continues to improve in many areas, keeping it as the world class airline it has always been.

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