New Singapore Airlines Ad Campaign

It has been a while since SIA released a new ad campaign. The previous one ‘Across The World With Singapore Girl’ was widely used on TV. Previous to this, the campaign in use was travel videos (about destinations) and new product ads regarding the launch of the A380.  SIA has recently released a series of print ads in Australia on buses and billboards that display the ease of travelling through Singapore to Europe.
Come next week, TV screens around the world will display the new series of commercials that have been in production over the past months. It focuses around showing customers the lengths the airline goes to, to make you feel comfortable and at home. This includes getting tea from China, art movies from Venice and leather for the seats from Scotland.
The airline has released a behind the scenes video. The title suggests that the ad campaign is called “The Lengths We Go To”. The video clearly shows what the ads will look like and itself is like a well constructed advertisement.
SIA continues to be one of the world’s leading airline, and this ad campaign aims to bring the airline back up to the top spot on the airline rankings.

SIA has continued the ‘Fast Forward’ theme with a competition to win flights to Europe. This is accessible through the airline’s Facebook page

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