Kiwis can’t fly… or can they?

Air New Zealand is famous for its whimsical advertising campaigns and blockbuster-style safety videos. This gives the airline a signature, almost ’boutique’ feel, compared to major carriers, pushing it very high in global airline rankings.

One recent campaign focuses on the “Better Way to Fly” slogan, by following a journey of a native New Zealand Kiwi – a flightless bird. The comedic video spends a great deal of time highlighting the best things to see and do in the country. Increasingly, airlines all over the world are turning away from product-focused advertisements to experience or tourism-based displays. Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Philippine Airlines for example have all deployed new safety videos that revolve around their respective nation’s highlights.

There are some interesting back-stories on how this flightless bird actually made it to New Zealand, with its closest relatives living in Madagascar and Australia. Perhaps they moved across on islands that have since disappeared? Or have evolved from creatures long ago when New Zealand was connected to the mainland? It’s strongly suggested, though, that they once could fly, but due to a lack of ground predators, lost their ability to take to the skies over time. They’re an interesting creature, and can live up to the age of 50. Sadly, though, their population is declining due to new predators.

H/T to Air New Zealand for these stellar facts!


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