Singapore Airlines fares from Sydney to Europe from A$760!


Whether it’s a fare mistake or not is yet to be determined, but there are some phenomenal prices on sectors between major Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide etc.) and major European cities (London, Paris, Zurich etc.).

This requires you to book through the Virgin Australia website, and purchase a ticket on a Singapore Airlines codeshare flight. This means the actual flight will be operated by Singapore Airlines, on Singapore Airlines aircraft, however your ticket will be listed under a Virgin Australia flight number.

When searching for flights from SYD-CDG in Economy Class, departing on February 15, 2017 and returning March 4, 2017, Virgin Australia provides a price of just A$759.81!


By comparison, searching the same dates and details through the Singapore Airlines website results in a fare almost double that, at A$1307.90!


This price is absolutely incredible, as it is cheaper than you’d normally pay to travel from Australia to Asia. This is a perfect opportunity to do a mileage run and net some significant rewards for a very low cost. As the fare is booked on a discount economy fare (“Getaway”), Velocity member will earn 0.5 cents per mile, equating to about 10,500 miles. Furthermore, you should be able to earn 140 status credits, by taking each flight as a separate sector.

Given the fact that Singapore Airlines would never offer such low prices, it is likely there has been a fare calculation error, and as such the prices won’t last. Act fast!


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