The 10 BEST airline safety videos of all time!

The safety video is something most people pay almost no attention to. Perhaps if it’s your first flight ever, you may take a few glances as it plays, but in all, very few people even take note of the fact that it’s screening right in front of you.

Many airlines create interesting and humorous videos purely to grab your attention, and make you focus on the features. So here’s our pick of the best airline safety videos out there!

10. Air Arabia | 2012

Wholly hosted by kids acting as passengers and crew, and spoken in both English and Arabic, the video is accompanied by playful music, and simply and clearly illustrates all safety features. Easily one of the cutest safety videos out there!

9. Virgin Atlantic | The Safety Film

Artful, simple and truthful, the film begins with a passenger falling asleep whilst watching the airline’s old safety video. He then enters a dream state and become a part of the intense and global new safety video. Purely animated, it’s easily one of the most artsy of the airlines.

8. Thomson Airways | By Alice and Co.

Yet another that is presented entirely by kids, the uber-cute and classic video has been an icon of the airline for years.

7. Delta | The Internetest Safety Video

Delta is known for regular updates to their safety videos, and have super interesting themes each time. This well-filmed video features YouTube and internet icons, such as the original “Smoking is not allowed” flight attendant, the screaming goat, a Nyan cat, the Harlem Shake and more!

6. United | Safety is Global 1

This was United’s first proper step away from the traditional form, and is very well produced across several countries. Featuring the airline’s signature “Rhapsody in Blue” soundtrack, it’s hard to not pay attention.

5. Qantas | 2016

A new leap for the airline, the latest safety video is a contemporary look at Australia and Australian life. It beautifully captures the natural Australian environment and presents the safety features in a very artful, simple, sophisticated and contemporary manner. Whilst it isn’t fun, or wild, it’s easily one of the best ‘formal’ safety videos ever produced.

4. Air New Zealand | The Most Epic Safety Video

With regular updates to their videos, each one is produced on an enormous scale and is often pop-culture relevant. Thanks to their partnership with the Hobbit trilogy, this second-edition Hobbit Safety Video is filmed and produced on a cinematic scale.

3. Air France | Safety is Chic

The artful, classy, chic and super-French presentation is an accompaniment to the airline’s new advertising campaign. Delivered in both English and French, and featuring an abstract and simple environment, it’s incredibly contemporary and could easily be held as a piece of art.

2. United | Safety is Global 2

People loved the first one so much that they had to do it again! Yet again featuring “Rhapsody in Blue” as the dominant track, the film features many of the crew who presented the original ‘Safety Is Global’ video and is delivered across many countries. It’s modern and classical at the same time, and is a favourite among frequent flyers.

1. Virgin America | VX Safety Dance

Well, this should not be a surprise! The video made entertainment headlines when released, and has 11.5 million views on YouTube (surely the most views any safety video has ever had). It’s a catchy, fast paced and well delivered music video, presented by a number of crew. The best part is that when the music is blasting through the cabin, a member of the crew will often become an extension of the video, and dance through the aisles with life-jackets, oxygen masks and safety cards. If you don’t pay attention to this, well, something must be wrong.

Special Mention | Southwest Airlines Rap

Everyone’s seen this before, and it is by far and away the best live briefing every given. Whilst it’s not a proper safety video, it’s an uber-awesome pre-flight announcement that perfectly encapsulates Southwest’s image.

So there’s our top 10! More and more airlines are adopting this method to keep passengers paying attention to such important instructions, despite flying frequently.


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