The Slick New Singapore Airlines App for Tablets (Apple iPad)


Singapore Airlines recently made an announcement that they were to be the first airline to introduce a companion app to connect personal devices to personal inflight entertainment systems using the onboard wifi. This service is being delivered through the airline’s mobile app, previously only available on phones. They recently pushed out an iPad compatible version that has extra features over the phone app, as well as the ability to connect to applicable aircraft entertainment systems.

The new app follows a very similar design already used, yet introduces new features. The welcome screen features a wallpaper image publicising the new Premium Economy Class. It’d be nice to see this image change from time-to-time, especially with the launch of  the A350! There are also shortcuts to various parts of the app. The blue banner at the top extends a warm SQ welcome to a returning KrisFlyer member, displaying status, KF number and miles in the account (deleted here for confidentiality). With the “Welcome Mr…” and the Flight Stewardess centred in the screen, it’s almost as if you’re boarding a flight!


Swiping across from the home screen, you will see the ext trip you have registered on your KrisFlyer account. On the iPad, thanks to the extra room, the details are more beautifully presented, with simple graphics and a display of all necessary information. From this display, you can navigate straight to a manage-booking many, see the entertainment options for the flight or view destination information. Another neat touch is the blurred out background. This changes depending on your destination, and when viewed ‘un-blurred’, is a gorgeous shot of one of the city’s icons.


Of course, you can also book flights on the go. This extends to redemption bookings as well! Pictured below is a sample booking flow, displaying all fare classes and flight options with the ability to sort by price, time and duration. Super-handy tool for last-minute bookings!


A recent addition to the app is the “Special Offers” section. You can select the city you wish to depart from and see a graphic mosaic of all the active promotional fairs from that port. You’re also able too be more specific and choose a departure and arrival city. These beautiful cover photos are also used for the blurred background of your booking, as pictured above. Once selecting a special, you can view the terms and conditions and continue with the booking straight from the app!

And just look at those prices! Time to book 🙂


Flight status is always useful when awaiting a friend/ colleague, and can quickly be accessed through the app. You’re able to search by flight number or route (if you don’t know the number) and view times for flights in the few days before and after ‘today’.


The “Destination Guides” are another new addition, and were previously only available on the website. The feature magazine-like layout beautifully displays pictures, tips and information for all Singapore Airlines destinations. Each also features a detailed breakdown from SilverKris magazine. There’s also a handy tool displaying itinerary trips for several different budgets. A large photo gallery is available for each city, to see it at its most beautiful. What’s really useful is the information tab, providing data such as electrical plug, languages, population, duty free allowances, time zone, weather and taxi fares from the airport to city.


Here’s what’s been so highly touted about the new app. The side tab allows you to navigate through all the movies, TV shows and music collections that will be available inflight this month and next month. Unlike the website, which only displayed the new highlights, this layout displays everything in a picture-rich way. If you then tap on one of the options, you’re able to watch the trailer right there, as well as read programming information. When the full connectivity features are enabled and you are linked onboard the aircraft, you’ll be able to do far more, including rate movies, control the entertainment system and view live flight information. This has got to be the sweetest feature of the new app, and it’ll be even better when onboard!


One final addition, which I am thrilled to see, is the ability to explore each of the 5 cabins that Singapore Airlines has on offer. You can swipe through images and read information on the airline’s Suites, First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class cabins, to discover more about them before you fly.

And for even more detail, go ahead and check out our reviews on each of these cabins and more!



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