‘Flight’ – A Short Film | 2015 HSC Visual Arts

I’ve spent the better part of a year producing, filming and editing this short film, all about the mesmerising experience that is flight.

The work was selected for exhibition in Art Express in 2016.

At what point do uniquely special experiences become commonplace? When do commonplace experiences become uniquely special?

As we become familiar with certain experiences and they become everyday, intricate details and ideas that were at one time fascinating are absorbed unwittingly, with human habits taking over and discounting their wonder.
In an attempt to create an inversion of this tendency, “Flight” reflects and refocuses the perceptions of air travel, allowing audiences to notice the precious details, the incidental and remind us of just how special they are, and either for the first time or for the hundredth time, perceive the experience in a new and redefined light.

And once this is realised, the true splendour and magical nature of such an experience can be fully understood.

For once where you have been, you will always long to return.


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