Happy Valentine’s Day, from Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines always tries to do little things for every major celebration: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and more. A previous Valentine’s celebration saw cabin crew perform love songs through Changi’s Terminal 3, and hand out chocolates and SIA Batik roses to passengers throughout the airport. Really nice touches!

Whilst I don’t know what exactly will be given to passengers on flights today (it usually revolves around little chocolates and sweets), there is a very special treat for passengers travelling in the Suites out of New York.

Whenever onboard Singapore Airlines First Class/ Suites, the all important question asked by the cabin crew is always: “Would you like to try the Dom Perignon or the Krug?”

So, for today’s flights, SIA worked with Gotham Bar and Grill to create chocolate bonbons made with both Dom and Krug, so guests can sample each!

The little boxes will be distributed to all the Suites passengers flying out of JFK on Feb 14!


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