Review | Singapore Airlines Economy (Hong Kong – Singapore)

This report will be brief, as it was a relatively generic Singapore Airlines flight.

This is one of the last components of the November trip:

Flight Details:

Carrier: Singapore Airlines (SQ)
Flight Number: SQ 863
Route: Hong Kong (HKG) – Singapore (SIN)
Duration: 3h 15m
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Registration: 9V-SKE
Cabin Class: Economy Class
Seat Number: 46H
Date: 22/11/15

Boarding commenced fairly early, and was a speedy and trouble-free process (as it is for most SIA flights). After a warm welcome onboard and taking my seat (the last row of the forward cabin), hot towels were served in the usual SIA style. I noticed, however, that the usual ‘Floridian Waters’ scent was somewhat lacking. I noticed this on earlier flights as well, and am wondering whether there has been a reduction in its use or a simple change in its recipe. It’s something that is very iconically SQ, so it is sad to see it dissipate.


For whatever reason, the safety video began playing during boarding, which was quite hilarious more than anything else. It took the crew a little while to realise and turn it off, but it was funny nonetheless!

This particular aircraft had been refitted with the Premium Economy cabin. I noticed here that during the refit, the entire Economy carpet had been changed. The previous stripey pattern has been replaced with a very simple pin-point pattern. Not too sure about it…


As we boarded early, we spent a significant time at the gate before departure, presumably to wait for the given take-off slot.

Following take-off, a full meal was served, as is customary for all SQ flights over 2 hours. Economy Class passengers are given individual menus with two main-course choices. As always, the dish was flavoursome and incredible.

Soon before landing, I had a long chat to one of the crew in one of the rear galleys. He was to leave the airline in the following year, and told me all about the difficult flight attendant lifestyle. Just before final approach, he came up to my seat and handed me a bag full of SIA goodies, including some small amenities from the Suites. I don’t recall him operating my cabin, as he was based in the rear economy section, and was pleasantly surprised that he knew where I was sitting! Just goes to show how incredibly SIA’s service is.

With that, the flight concluded… another great experience with SIA.


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