Singapore Airlines to reclaim longest non-stop flight

After much discussion, Singapore Airlines have confirmed they will upgrade 7 of their A350-900 order to the -900ULR (Ultra Long Range) version.

This will enable the carrier to resume non-stop flights between Singapore and New York/ Los Angeles, with the longest clicking in at over 18 hours.

The route was originally operated by an A340 configured with an old Premium Economy and Business Class. It was then reconfigured to an all-business class aircraft, carrying just 100 passengers, when 3-class capacity can reach over 300. Such a decision made the route unprofitable, especially given the A340’s poor fuel efficiency.

Improved fuel efficiency will enable the route to be profitable. The aircraft will be delivered and commence operations in 2018, featuring an all new Business Class cabin that will be revealed alongside the delivery of the next 5 A380’s.


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