How to fly Business, First or Suites for cheap prices!

If you know how to earn frequent flyer miles wisely, then flying on the world famous Singapore Airlines Suites onboard the A380 may be a much greater reality. Now, I have flown Business and First Class numerous times, but I have almost never paid for the flight with money! The trick to earning lots of miles quickly is to USE YOUR CREDIT CARD!

The Singapore Airlines American Express Ascend Card

Almost all credit cards let you earn points for every dollar you spend with it. Some let you earn more points that other. American Express cards earn 1-1.5 points per dollar and these can be directly transferred to a variety of frequent flyer cards like Singapore Airlines Krisflyer, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and a few more. Most airlines offer their own credit cards, which earn EVEN MORE points for every dollar. Singapore Airlines has 4 different credit cards on offer for Singaporeans and 2 cards for Australians.

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer

So BE SMART! Know about this points system! For every dollar you spend in everyday life, you will earn miles. Over time you will accumulate many, many points. When you have the right number, transfer them over to your frequent flyer card and you’ve got yourself a free flight! Now how much will you need? Well, a Singapore Airlines Suites redemption ticket from Sydney to Hong Kong (this involves TWO Suites flights), will cost 75,000 miles if you book over the phone, or 63,750 miles if you purchase it online.

Singapore Airlines Suites

Surprisingly a flight from Sydney to Singapore is THE SAME price (in terms of points) as from Sydney to Hong Kong (two flights)! For only 25,000 points you can fly from Sydney to Hong Kong in Economy, and for 55,000 you can purchase a Business Class ticket. Now, for even less, you can get an UPGRADE ticket. Purchase an economy flight with money, and you can upgrade it to Business class for as little as 25,000 miles! (By the way, all the information on prices was correct at the time of writing and relates to Singapore Airlines award and upgrade flights).
So think of this! Flying upfront or up top in Business Class, First Class or the Suites may be much more affordable than you think!

Singapore Airlines redemption chart:

Click to access SQMI_OneWayAwardCharts.pdf

Singapore Airlines upgrade chart:

Click to access SQMI_OneWayUpgradeCharts.pdf

– Ashan ✈


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