Top 10 Airline Liveries | 2016

We’ve ranked our top 10 airline liveries, from the elegant to the plain cool. Liveries when done right, can be something of beauty.

10 – Fiji Airways

Image – Wong Chi Lam –

This livery is simple and pays homage to their national art and culture, making it one of our favourite liveries. The simple design around the cowling is a nice addition.

9 – British Airways

Image – British Airways

There’s only one thing more British than British Airways, and that’s the Queen. The BA livery is iconically British. The blue undercarriage, engine cowls and iconic tail make it so iconic. I mean what isn’t more British than the colours of the Union Jack. This sleek and minimal design is one we like a lot.

8 – Virgin Atlantic

Image – James Craig –

Another sleek and simple livery makes it to our list. Virgin Atlantic has recently updated their livery for a more simple and sleek design. The slightly sparkly red tail, engine cowl and wingtips (not visible) are features of the livery and are well balanced. The airline name is also written on the bottom of the fuselage. We like Sir Richard Branson’s flair being shown in the glittery red paint.

7 – Qantas

Image – Wong Chi Lam –

Qantas is known for having the most recognised livery around the world. The flying kangaroo on the tail of the has been refined and revised many times to its style today. The livery is simple with a fantastic tail. The small Qantas logos on the cowls are also stylish, like the entire Qantas brand.

6 – Cathay Pacific

Image – Clément Allolng

Cathay’s livery has had a recent refresh, much to many loyalists despair. We think the new livery is a step in a good direction and shows that Cathay is looking to the future. The new design is smooth and fresh and incorporates a larger and more modern paintbrush swish on the tail and on the front of the body. This is one of our new favourites, and we look forward to seeing their A350 flying soon.

5 – Etihad

Image – Richard Dragon –

Etihad’s new ‘Facets of Abu Dhabi’ livery which was released with their 787-9 and incredible A380 is one of the boldest airline liveries we’ve seen. The design is supposed to reflect the colours and architecture of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. We like its stylish geometric style and colours which lie true to their nation.

4 – Qatar Airways

Image – Y Panas –

The Qatar livery is simply beautiful. The two toned fuselage paired with the national colour of burgundy creates an elegant livery. The national animal of Qatar is featured on the winglets, tail and engine cowls. Qatar have taken a traditional livery and refined it.

3 – American Airlines

Image – American Airlines

American has recently updated their livery. The silver fuselage is pretty and pays respect to their old aircraft with polished metal fuselages. The redesigned tail and logo which are so simply American make this a livery which is so easily recognisable, yet stylish.

2 – Air New Zealand

Image – Victor Pody –

The Air New Zealand livery is simple, and their large black tail is incredible, showing their logo and New Zealand’s national flora, the silver fern. It’s simple and beautiful and we just love it. Special mention goes to their all black aircraft.

1 – Swiss

Image – Boeing

Swiss has just taken the delivery of their new 777. And with it they have updated their livery. Larger Swiss lettering and the removal of all other colour bar on the tail, make this an elegant, beautiful, stylish and simply Swiss livery. It says a lot about their country; simple and well refined. We absolutely adore it.


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  1. Jon Champs says:

    Cathay Pacific’s livery is akin to taking a brand new hi-tech iPhone 7 Plus in sophisticated jet black, and putting it a hand knitted case your gran ran up. It’s the beige and magnolia living room effect from an old peoples home – dull, boring, insipid and uninspired.


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